Spring Cleaning is Green Cleaning

It is no secret that most people have spent an enormous amount of time in their homes the past twelve months. With a pandemic and record cold temperatures, families have been snuggled up indoors for what feels like an eternity. Good News! Spring is just around the corner and so is warm weather and long-awaited vaccinations. What better time to rid yourself of the winter blues and lingering germs than a full “green” spring cleaning?

Experts advise that you tackle spring cleaning in small amounts so you are not overwhelmed. A great start is sanitizing your garments and upholstery, using your local GreenEarth cleaner. Click here to fin the GreenEarth cleaner nearest you. It is difficult to see the germs, dust, and food that builds up on furniture and clothing through time. Sanitizing with GreenEarth will awaken your senses with fresh air, soft touch, and a clean look of the pristine fabric. All of this is accomplished with an incredible silicone-based solution that is proven to be safe for you, your clothes, and our planet.

The feeling of cleanliness will boost your productivity and mental positivity. It will help remote employees focus more on work and provide the office environment necessary for success. At the end of the day, when you’ve completed your spring cleaning, you can take pride in your belongings and know that you achieved it all while using a healthy, environmentally safe choice with GreenEarth Cleaning, the only truly sustainable way to clean clothes and your household items like; comforters, linens, curtains, rugs, upholstery, and tablecloths. So call your GreenEarth cleaner today and ask them about their household services.