Looking Forward to 20 More Years of Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

Only joining the GreenEarth Cleaning team this past May, I am certainly newer than most. Every day that I have worked here, I am constantly impressed by this company’s 20 year long commitment to providing the dry cleaning industry with sustainable and environmentally non-toxic solutions.

Before GreenEarth, dry cleaning had been known to be tough on the planet and on garments. But the people here have created a solution that is eco-friendly and gentler on clothing. The GreenEarth process has helped to change negative reality and perceptions of dry cleaning for the past 20 years.

I am so proud and delighted to be able to work for a company that always tries to do the right thing. GreenEarth Cleaning’s collaborative culture benefits more than just the company, its employees, and its Members. GreenEarth Cleaning benefits the industry as a whole as well as the earth and environment. GreenEarth is a strong advocate of sustainable solutions that are safer and gentler on the environment.

At GreenEarth, we truly are a family. One of my favorite memories that I have from the short time I’ve been with GreenEarth Cleaning is attending the company holiday party. It was really fun to be able to chat with everyone and hear stories about their work with GreenEarth and to hear about some of our amazing Members.

I love working somewhere I am part of a family and I know that I can make a real difference in the world, even if it’s only a small difference. It’s clear that the people here at GreenEarth truly believe in the work they are doing.